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Boys Junior Varsity Volleyball, Boys Varsity Volleyball · 2016 Boys Volleyball Preview

Article by Jacob Faura, Class of 2016 (Jacob is a student in Ms. Malenda’s Media Literacy, Journalism and Graphics class)

For the first time in Hoboken High School’s history the Boys Volleyball team began its journey for the 2016 Season. There are a lot of high expectations, but, as with any new program, some challenges are anticipated.

We are a first year team so everything is slowly coming together piece by piece. Do you think Picasso was an amazing painter when he first picked up the brush? No person can just be great as soon as he/she gets into a sport or hobby. Sure, some players have more advanced skills than others, but that’s why we motivate everyone to practice hard, including digging deeper, setting faster, and hitting harder. These are tools that make volleyball what it is – a competition of precise skills. The way you set the ball, and even the way you spike the ball is really an art form. It’s just about mind over matter; anybody can do anything, talent just takes time to develop.  At the beginning of the season, we lacked communication, but as of now we are a team that talks. We call everything: “PUSH IT OVER” or “SET ME” or “BLOCK” and even “BOOM” for a spike.  As one of us gets better, we all get better because we are increasing our confidence as a team. Our main goal is to break the .500 mark and maybe make it to the playoffs to create history!