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Multiple Teams · Volleyball Celebrates end of 15-16!

Written by Coach Alberto (Assistant Girls and Head Boys Coach):

Our first boys vs girls volleyball teams end of year celebration was a great success last night.  It was heart warming seeing all the family members in the stands supporting the teams even in June.  The parents and coaches provided the athletes and spectators with some food to ensure energy throughout our long awaited games.

The first game was Senior girls vs Senior boys.  The Senior boys were tired of hearing about how they were going to lose and the girls put up a great fight. The boys won the last two points to win the game.
Second game played was Undergraduate Girls vs Undergraduate Boys coached by the seniors.  Coaches did a great job adjusting players on the court and calling time outs at crucial moments during game play.  The Undergraduate boys held strong and went away with a win.
Third game played was Varsity Girls against Varsity Boys.  Coming into this game both teams were eager to win.  The girls wanted more than anything to shut the boys up now that they were down two games.  Kayla F and  Justine M were able to slow the pace of the game down by blocking a hit by Hafiz that was then dug up by Anel.  Anel’s direct pass to the setter Gina gave Linda time to set up for a back row hit.  The girls communicated and fought hard.  Linda directed some great serves over to make the game almost tied.  The boys started to realize that they had true competition on the other side of the court.  This motivated the boys to hit hard with one of Wilden’s “BOOOM” hits.  Amanda A did not let his hit intimidate her as she dug it up to continue the volley back to the boys.  The ball was received by Evance, who passed it to setter Yadiel.  Yadiel set Hafiz up with an outside hit to end that rally.  The boys at the end were successful, which gave them their third win for the night.
The last game was supposed to be the winners of the girls vs boys varsity play against  the coaches, however we were shy of a few players.  We decided that it would only be right to end the season with a fair well from the seniors.  This game was a boys/girls Seniors vs Underclassman.  All I can say about this game is the future of Hoboken High School Volleyball looks promising as the underclassman went home with the win.
Thank you all for helping through out this year.  Coaching is not accomplished without the support and help of administration.
Enjoy the pictures!
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