Class of 2016

arianna JArianna Johnson (Class of 2016)

What does it mean to you to be a member of the Redwing Family?

To me being a member of the Redwing family means everything. Being a Redwing is part of what made me who I am today and who I will eventually be in the future. It has drained me, broke me, angered me, but most importantly it has pushed me to be better and to keep fighting the inevitable. I could not ask for a better family!



Gina Marie Rotondi (Class of 2016)

What do you believe makes the Hoboken High School Athletic Department so special?

The Hoboken High School Athletic Department is special because everyone works hard on a daily basis to continually get better. The higher the standards are, the
harder that each athlete and coach works to raise the bar for the next year. The athletic department will not stop until it proves that we are the best not only in the county but in our state.


Dianne Nieves (Class of 2016)

What lifelong lessons have you learned as a Redwing from your coaches and experiences on the field, court, track, in the pool or at the alley?

I’ve had some very life-changing experiences from my coaches and athletic performances, both on the court and on the field. I learned many things as a Redwing, but what it definitely taught me was to never stop chasing after what I want in life.  Everything that I want to reach is attainable, with a little work ethic.  I’ve learned discipline, responsibility, commitment, leadership, etc.  All the things that I now know, I must stop and admire the beautiful people that installed these qualities in me. Thank you to the coaches and athletic department, I can’t thank you guys  enough!!! You as well are a part of my journey. Through sports I was able to step out into the real world.