Emergency Plan


ATC — Gerard Friedman — 201-356-3638

A.D. — Derek England — 201-356-3725

H.S. Main Office — 201-356-3703

Main Office Fax — 201-356-3704

Hoboken EMS — 201-420-2135

Hoboken Police (emergency) – 911   (non-emergency) —  201-420-2000

Poison Control — 800-222-1222



1. Stay Calm. Can you handle the problem? Do you need help?
a. If you can handle the situation, proceed with proper First Aid.
b. If you can’t handle the situation read on!
2. Notify a staff member if they are in the building or field—if possible. If not read on!
3. In the event of an injury that requires more advanced immediate care than you can provide you must get the individual to a hospital ASAP.  Be sure to stabilize the individual’s injury as best as possible. Have another person call the ambulance if necessary. AMBULANCE-CALL 911
4. If it is a minor injury such as a laceration, a parent or guardian may transport the individual to a hospital.
5. Please be sure to make a record of the injury and notify the athletic trainer and athletic director ASAP.